About Us

Welcome to Nuravie! 

 We are a boutique fashion brand founded by twin sisters Sharlin Azad and Lubana Azad.

Nuravie is very important to both of our hearts since the name honors our grandmother who was an entrepreneur herself. Her name was Nur which means "light" in Arabic and "a vie" is French for "of life". Nuravie means "light of life" that's what our grandmother was to us and that's why we want to remind every woman that each of you are our lights of life!

Our grandmother Nur was a feminist which in South Asia was unheard of in the 50s and 60s. She didn’t have access to education until later in life which is why she spent most of her life empowering women by funding a women’s literacy center and providing tuition assistance to families who couldn’t afford to educate their daughters. She strongly believed that women needed to have each other’s back and help each other stand proud.

She instilled this mission in our hearts and that’s why our brand’s mission is to help women empower women. We have products with motivational quotes from notable historical women and will host motivational workshops. We also donate 10% of all sales to Women for Women International. If you buy $50 worth of products $5 is donated immediately. We don't donate after our operating costs we donate before because that's what's important to us. We hope to increase this percentage as our volume of sales increases and costs of operations decrease. 

This means you can shop guilt-free! You know that no matter how much you spend you are making a difference in another woman's life and you're doing it while looking fabulous!

Thank you for supporting women around the world!