Why buy our products

We'd like to first thank you for visiting us and for wanting to know more about our products. 

Why buy from us?

  • We'd like you to buy from us for several reasons. The first is that we are a women-operated business, run by women for women.
  • We believe in female empowerment so much that we have dedicated ourselves to donating 10% of all orders to Women for Women International. 
  • We also curate all of our products from USA-based suppliers to ensure the best quality, faster delivery, and your satisfaction. 
  • Support women and shop guilt-free!

How are we selling Name Brand and Designer products?

  • We have direct access to Name Brand suppliers and have the license to sell their products to you. 
  • Your invoice from us will indicate information about our supplier. 
  • When you order a Gucci, Armani, and other designer product it is shipped from their warehouse to your door. 
What is Women for Women International?
  • It's an organization dedicated to helping the most marginalized women in the world, especially in conflict zones. 
  • Women for Women educates and provides guidance as well as means of support for women to be self-sufficient. This helps women in conflict zones and developing countries care for their families and feed their children. 
  • visit www.womenforwomen.org to learn more

Do you want your purchase donation to go to a different organization?

  • Please contact us if you'd like to donate to a different organization for your order. You can complete our contact us form or email support@nuravie.com


 Please visit our About us page to learn more about our Founders and our Mission. Thank you for reading about us and our products.

 We hope you enjoy shopping guilt-free and empowering women as much as we do!